Physical pressure, mobilisations, joint articulations and fascial stretching are used to access the deep tissue from head to toe in order to reduce muscular tension and improve range of motion.

Treatments improve circulation of oxygen, blood and lymph – if IT don’t flow, YOU don’t flow!

Pain or weakness is usually the symptom of an issue elsewhere in the body. Historic injuries/scars can also be the cause of systemic issues. Poor breathing patterns can have an adverse effect on the muscles and nervous system.

I look at the entire person to ease symptoms and provide relief with the aim of stabilising the body and its systems so that treatments become more about maintenance and less about painful issues…Prevention is the best cure.

Assistance with breathing patterns and poor postural issues is provided along with tips for self-care.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a clothed therapy so please make sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can be stretched in.

As a preventative and ongoing wellbeing option, regular monthly treatments are recommended.

60 minutes –  £70
4 Treatment Pass – £260 (T&Cs apply)

90 minutes –  £95
4 Treatment Pass – £360 (T&Cs apply)

NB. Therapies at Align are not a substitute for medical treatment and appropriate advice should be taken in these areas

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