Jaw therapy (Temporomandibular Joint Therapy) targets issues with the jaw and the muscles that surround it.

Stress and injury to the jaw, the joint or the muscles of the head and neck (concussion, whiplash) can tighten and disrupt the natural movement of the jaw. You may experience clicking or grating sounds and discomfort when moving the jaw, headaches, or stiffness in the neck and shoulders. You may even experience toothaches, dizziness, earache, tinnitus or swelling on the sides of your face. These symptoms can reverberate through the body and cause issues in the lower back and even the hips.

Jaw Therapy treatment directly releases the affected muscles of the shoulders, head, face and neck, working to the interior of the mouth to unlock deep tissue.

It works to release key areas of tension throughout the body, releasing the fascia in the feet, back, shoulders, neck and face.

As a preventative and ongoing wellbeing option, regular monthly treatments are recommended.


60 minutes –  £70
4 Treatment Pass – £260 (T&Cs apply)

NB. Therapies at Align are not a substitute for medical treatment and appropriate advice should be taken in these areas

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