align - revolutionise your body


"A pain free, active lifestyle is not only possible, but it is the way you should expect to feel and live, no matter your age, no matter your previous experience"  

(Pete Egoscue, founder of The Egoscue Method)

Imbalances in your postural alignment can be the source of chronic pain, repetitive injuries, recurring  headaches, jaw pain....all of which affect not only physical but emotional well-being.

Align & Refine classes reacquaint you with your body, providing activation to all the major muscle groups. Through a series of specifically targeted exercises (each one a functional test), we assess the function of the muscles, revealing which ones work the way they were designed to and which ones are not pulling their weight - literally!

These exercises stabilise, strengthen and tone the muscles from the inside out, reawakening lost neuromuscular connections. When working to their designed function, the muscles support the structure of the body in alignment, allowing joints and organs to work freely, without wasting unecessary energy in compensatory actions and freeing you from ongoing aches and pains.

Postural Alignment doesn’t just help on a physical level. Given how intricately interwoven the body, mind and spirit are, it makes sense to assume that our posture and mental health are influenced by one another. Feeling taller and lighter, moving with more ease, and breathing more freely has a direct influence on our relation to the world around us and vice versa.

Align & Refine is an enlightening opportunity to activate and empower the body AND the brain cells!

** Pregnancy Alignment available - see details below **




The Nest Health, Sevenoaks

Wednesdays 9:30-10:30am

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Relaxation in posture - Align and Refine classes Tunbridge Wells

¡ NEW !  FLOW, Tunbridge Wells

Monthly 2 hour Saturday session

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align - revolutionise your body

align - revolutionise your body


• Training the body to work as a unit & align hips for a healthy pregnancy and birth.
• Dedicated exercise programmes for each trimester

Aligning the body reduces back pain and allows the body to understand where it is throughout the pregnancy. Back pain and discomfort are reduced because the muscles are holding the bones in their correct position.

Sessions can continue post partum to help the muscles return the body to stable alignment after birth.

Consistency and ongoing support will keep you feeling at your best and free you to focus on baby.

"I was pleasantly surprised that it not only helped with my back pain but also improved my overall wellbeing (no back pain during pregnancy is petty good!!). I was definitely more active and able to do things such as getting up from the floor which I thought I wouldn't be able to do at the final stages of my pregnancy. 
At the final weeks of pregnancy,  Bibi helped me with meditation and relaxation techniques which was very handy during labour. 
The tailored exercises we did definitely helped me during my pregnancy and labour and aided my recovery.
I cannot recommend Bibi enough, thank you! " Emma


Alignment classes can help to provide a happy and healthy, pain free pregnancy and more comfortable birth

Please call Bibi 07968 816834 to discuss your needs

60 minutes  £70

4 Class Pass - £260  (T&Cs apply)

align - revolutionise your body

align - revolutionise your body


Alignment classes challenge all the major muscle groups to activate optimum efficiency of movement.

Strong neuromuscular connections provide stability, strength, and relief from pain.

You will notice an improvement not only in your ability to move, but in overall mood!


With a regular programme of Massage   treatments, issues of chronic pain, incidence of repetitive injuries and slow recovery times improve greatly.

The body responds more readily to current protocols.

You can run faster, respond quicker, find more focus, be stronger and function at your best for longer.


If the body is misaligned due to disfunction of the muscles, the pelvic region will be out of alignment.

It creates an abnormal environment for organs to function in and lead to difficulties in the reproductive organs (this applies to men as well as women).

Postural Alignment Therapy can guide you through each trimester for a healthy, pain free pregnancy as well as post partum.

NB. Therapies at Align are not a substitute for medical treatment and appropriate advice should be taken in these areas