Reflexology is a stimulating massage therapy that works into the deep tissue of the feet, the ankles and calves. It stimulates points on the feet relating directly to every area of the body. By applying pressure to the nerve endings located at these points, there is a direct therapeutic effect on its related organ, muscle or body function.

Reflexology is basically a massage for the whole body through massage of the feet.

This intensive treatment also works on the reflexes of and deep tissue surrounding the spine. It taps directly into the Central Nervous System. Acupressure and Mobilisation techniques release the lower limbs and hips and intensify the effect on the body.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to wear clothing which can be comfortably rolled over the knees to allow for work up the reflex and acupressure points of the lower leg.

As a preventative and ongoing wellbeing option, regular monthly treatments are recommended.

60 minutes –  £70

4 Treatment Pass – £260 (T&Cs apply)

NB. Therapies at Align are not a substitute for medical treatment and appropriate advice should be taken in these areas

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