slow and nurturing

Slowwwwly does it with this deeply relaxing treatment.

Surrender to slow nurturing with an hour of uplifting strokes along shoulders, neck, head and face. Easing you into a deeply relaxed state, de-puffing areas where lymphatic flow has slowed and plumping areas where energy has stagnated.

Continuous, gentle movements bring energy to tired areas, melting tension and brightening the face. A healthy glow helps you feel more confident as it radiates out to those around you.

Ideal if you are feeling overwhelmed or overtired, have recently had head surgery or injury, and feel the need to be soothed into relaxation, allowing space for you to find your natural breath again. 

I recommend 4 sessions close together to get you settled and facial muscles toned and released, after which monthly sessions are ideal.

PLEASE NOTE: Using natural oils, as everything will be worked up the face, shoulders and neck and into massage of the scalp, you may want to come on a day your hair hasn’t been washed!

relaxing Face Massage with Align in Tunbridge Wells


60 minutes –  £85
4 Treatment Pass – £320 (T&Cs apply)

Unique to Bibi, and suitable equally for men and women, FACEWORKS is Facial Massage which is all about relieving deeply held tension in the tissues of the face particularly, also giving thorough attention to  head, neck and shoulders. This give unused muscles a much needed workout, ironing out those that have crumpled through tension, draining lymphatic congestion, promoting the flow of vital fluids and production of smoothing and firming collagen.

It was born as a result of seeing a massive increase in head neck and jaw tension over the last two and a half years… I felt the need to create something specifically targeting these areas to relieve not only the physical, but also to aid the emotional responses to such tension. A difference can usually be seen and felt after just one treatment, bust as the effects are cumulative you will benefit more from a course of 4 weekly treatments followed by a weekly or monthly visit for maintenance.

3 levels to choose from. Each level, in its own way, smoothing out tense lines of expression as well as the physique, sculpting the contours of the face and giving you an overall uplift.

Also available is Jaw therapy, or Temporomandibular Joint Therapy which targets issues with the jaw and the muscles that surround it, treating the body as a whole as well as working directly in and around the jaw.

As a preventative and ongoing wellbeing option, regular monthly treatments are recommended.

NB. Therapies at Align are not a substitute for medical treatment and appropriate advice should be taken in these areas

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