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Children laugh, on average, 300 times a day, not to mention all the other crazy expressions they use as they communicate and play.

Thanks to the stresses and pressures of life as a grown up, adults only laugh (sad to say) around 15-100 times a day.

Think how many of the 43 muscles in the face are no longer in regular use as we 'carry on' our lives. Think how many muscles are tensed up through expressions of stress, concentration, anger, even sadness.

Now think of the body as a single unit, comprising mind, physical, spirit - what affects one part of the being has a direct effect on others and a direct effect on how we interact with the world around us.

Stress tension in the shoulders and neck can create tension in the face and vice versa.

Grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw affects the muscles around the mouth, dragging them down. It can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, even hips and back.

Hunched shoulders and a froward head posture create all kinds of other issues and draw the muscles of the face down.

......... Are you understanding where I'm headed?...

Face Works is Facial Massage which is all about relieving deeply held tension in the tissues of the face partcularly, also giving thorough attention to  head, neck and shoulders. This give unused muscles a much needed workout, ironing out those that have crumpled through tension, draining lymphatic congestion, promoting the flow of vital fluids and production of smoothing and firming collagen.

A difference can usually be seen and felt after just one treatment, bust as the effects are cumulative you will benefit more from a course of 5 weekly treatments followed by a --weekly or monthly visit for maintenance.

3 levels to choose from. Each level, in its own way, smoothing out tense lines of expression as well as the physique, sculpting the contours of the face and giving you an overall uplift.


1) Soothe and Smooth - slow and nurturing

2) The Middle Way - invigorating tone and release

3) The Full Works - An hour and a half of deep work





Soothe and Smooth - no tools involved

Slowwwwly does it with this deeply relaxing treatment.

Surrender to slow motion nurturing with an hour of uplifting strokes along shoulders, neck, head and face. Easing you into a deeply relaxed state, de-puffing areas where lymphatic flow has slowed and plumping areas where energy has stagnated.

Continuous, gentle movements bring energy to tired areas, melting tension and brightening the face. A healthy glow helps you feel more confident as it radiates out to those around you.

Ideal if you are feeling overwhelmed or overtired and feel the need to be soothed into relaxation, allowing space for you to find your natural breath again.

PLEASE NOTE: Using natural oils, as everything will be worked up the face, shoulders and neck and into massage of the scalp, you may want to come on a day your hair hasn't been washed!



relaxing Face Massage with Align in Tunbridge Wells

60 minutes –  £85

5 Treatment Pass - £400 (Ts & Cs apply)

align - revolutionise your body



 Buddhism expounds the virtues of the Middle Way - seeking to reconcile opposing viewpoints, or in this case, the opposition we all face of trying to feel calm in a world where living in tension is the norm.

The Middle Way is all about finding balance, a place of trust. Iron out stress and tension in the shoulders neck, head and face, firm, tone and plump muscles with deep, relaxing massage techniques which allow you to trust in letting go. Balance out, invigorating areas where muscles have becomes slack and teasing out the fibres of muscles that have become 'glued' together through tension.

This level will stimulate and lift your spirits (and your face), while mitigating constrictions in the muscles of the shoulders, neck, head and face, which prevent oxygentated blood and vital lymph from flowing freely. Improving this flow helps to improve focus as well as skin tone!

PLEASE NOTE: Using natural oils and gua sha tools, as everything will be worked up the face, shoulders and neck and into massage of the scalp, you may want to come on a day your hair hasn't been washed!



60 minutes –  £85

5 Treatment Pass - £400 (T&Cs apply)


align - revolutionise your body



Feel like you need it? You got it!

An intensive hour and a half, starting with oil massage release of the back and shoulder muscles. Then, working with the breath, deep into the hardcore points of release for tight jaws. Working inside the cheeks to release the interior muscles and fascia which, when tight from tension can create areas of pain in the neck, shoulders, hips and back.

We focus on stretching out the tissue and holding intense, radiating points for profound neck, chest and shoulder release. This invigorates circulation of oxygenated blood and vital lymph to all areas. In the process, lines and wrinkles of the face are ironed out, sagging jaw lines and cheeks are plumped up and defined, skin tone brightened, and calm is restored.

Not for the fainthearted (although I will always only work to your pain threshold), this level is ideal if you suffer from troublesome tight jaw, tension headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome etc. Or if you are just plain up for the Full Works!

PLEASE NOTE: Using natural oils and gua sha tools, as everything will be worked up the face, shoulders and neck and into massage of the scalp, you may want to come on a day your hair hasn't been washed!




90 minutes - £135book appoointment with Align

5 Treatment Pass £645 (T&Cs apply)


align - revolutionise your body


Gift cards are always available for that special someone who deserves time to themselves. Choose from any treatment or private Alignment class.

There's nothing more valuable than the gift of care.

Contact me for details!


With a regular programme of Alignment Therapy and Massage   treatments, issues of chronic pain, incidence of repetitive injuries and slow recovery times improve greatly.

The body responds more readily to current protocols.

You can run faster, respond quicker, find more focus, be stronger and function at your best for longer.


If the body is misaligned due to disfunction of the muscles, the pelvic region will be out of alignment.

It creates an abnormal environment for organs to function in and lead to difficulties in the reproductive organs (this applies to men as well as women).

Postural Alignment Therapy can guide you through each trimester for a healthy, pain free pregnancy as well as post partum.

NB. Therapies at Align are not a substitute for medical treatment and appropriate advice should be taken in these areas